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Smart Shift® Automatic 2-Speed Reels are designed to automatically and instantly change gears in response to resistance presented by a fighting fish, just as an angler would with a manual shift reel, but many times faster. The patented design of the Smart Shift transmission assures that the reel is always in the proper gear and is always retrieving line at the fastest rate possible - all automatically. Inside the Smart Shift transmission, both the low-speed and high-speed gears are always engaged with the pinion gear and spool. The low-speed gear is equipped with a one-way drive mechanism that allows it to rotate freely, in a forward rotation only, when the reel is in high gear. When the reel is in high gear, the low-speed gear, spool and pinion gear are all being driven by the high-speed gear. The low-speed gear, at this point, is actually rotating forward at a faster rate of speed than the handle and drive shaft.


The high-speed gear is driven by a clutch. The star wheel on the right side of the Smart Shift reel adjusts the pressure or resistance level in the clutch that drives the high-speed gear. The tighter the star wheel is adjusted, the more pressure is applied to the clutch discs. The more pressure applied to the clutch, the more resistance from a fish it will take to make the Smart Shift reel downshift. The automatic shifting into low gear occurs when the resistance against the spool exceeds the resistance in the high-speed gear clutch. The proper amount of resistance against the spool causes the high-speed gear clutch to slip and cease to drive the spool. At that moment, as long as the angler is turning the reel handle, the low-speed gear takes over and drives the reel. The reel will stay in low gear only as long as the resistance against the spool remains higher than the resistance in the clutch. The moment the resistance level against the spool drops below the resistance level in the clutch, the Smart Shift transmission will automatically and instantly shift back into high gear.


By design, the patented Smart Shift transmission is biased towards high gear. This means that the reel will always be in high gear unless it is forced to downshift into low gear. This also means that Smart Shift Reels will always, automatically and without fail, retrieve line at the fastest rate possible. With a Smart Shift Reel in your hands, all you have to do is TURN THE HANDLE!






MONO CAPACITY                            

550/20, 400/30, 375/40


600/50 - 100/50

GEAR RATIO (HIGH / LOW)              

5.9:1 / 2.8:1


45" / 21"